Great food, fantastic hospitality, and excellent atmosphere are the bread & butter of this culture; Love for the good life, the city, and its people, along with the desire to give the best and highest quality at all times, is its drive;Caring hands, attentive heart, outstanding dexterity, and tons of emotions & thought given to every detail structure its way; With consistency and as a result of loving labor - time after time, place after place - we create a complete culture of food, drinking, and hospitality. A culture of good doing.
The culture of R2M.

Our places

Over the years R2M’s culture has yielded a fair number of mythological institutions continuing our hospitality tradition and born out of a pure desire to give the best at all times.


At Panorama house in Tel Aviv beats the heart of R2m culture. Here we create at least 5 new recipes weekly. Here we enjoy sweet baking aromas 24/7.

Here the pans are swarming around the clock. Here we cook and bake 40,000 dishes daily. Here we use 720 tons of flour and 40 tons of butter a year. Here 260 super talented people feel like family.

So yeah, it’s pretty big here, even huge. But it takes a huge heart to give the best consistently.

our projects

R2M of Ruti and Mati Broudo. We’re the people behind the CoffeeBar, Brasserie, Hotel Montefiore and Herzl 16 restaurants and Delicatessen and Bakery Stores that located in Tel Aviv.


Your friends, loved ones, colleagues, and employees know what's best. Our gift card knows how to give the best.


R2M of Ruti and Mati Broudo





R2M story