The seeds of our culture are planted in the Big Apple, in a private hospitality tradition that Ruthie and Matty Brudo, who are holding the reins of the R2M hospitality group, cultivated in their own home. 

The events were composed note by note: 

from harmonizing the concept with the guests, season, and time in the day; collecting authentic high-quality ingredients; and brewing cocktails while exploring new dishes, desserts, and cuisines; to picking the proper silverware, the accurate music, and the fresh flowers to complete the experience. 

Everything was taken to heart and into consideration on the way to a creation in which no detail is redundant, nor is there a detail left out.

What started as a young couple’s small tradition turned over time into a complete and whole culture that conquered Tel Aviv’s scene, sprouted among its streets, and rooted in its homes.


R2M Founders